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CANYON - The Visual Album - Personal Thoughts #01

Was just reflecting on the emergence of "Visual Albums" after this article was brought to my attention highlighting CANYON.  Truth be told, I did not want to label CANYON as such since it comes at the heels of amazing visual releases, but i've been personally trying to put together a "visual album" since 2010, and failing to execute until CANYON.

My first attempt came at the release of my first MIRS solo EP, SPIN CYCLE. I couldn't pull resources together to execute. The second time came with the release of MEAT ON YOUR LONELY BONEZ, and again, while a treatment was prepared and some meetings arranged, we never went ahead and executed. Which, in hindsight proves valuable, since I feel those concepts lacking cohesion now. But, thats the truth with any work from the past done, or undone.   

The interesting question here is how this one came about and why the other two attempts failed. Simply, we reversed the process of production. We first shot CANYON, the film, then we got to finishing the record. Of course, both these things were happening concurrently, but we got the visuals in the can in November of 2015. In fact, a couple rotting pumpkins show up on frame for the astute observer. The rest of the process took the time it takes for any project to develop, especially exasperated by the fact that career responsibilities lay elsewhere.

I'll leave you here with CANYON if you haven't seen it or are just coming across this. My recommendations include a) headphones b) some quiet downtime c) fullscreen. Also, afterwards, check out this mini doc below with the incredible artist. ALI SABET, describing the process of creating the artwork for the whole project. 

MIRS - Fall (birds)

Artist: MIRS
Song: Fall (birds)
Album: Spin Cycle

Director: Chris Castillo + Amir Motlagh
Produced by ANIMALS

Vamp: Samantha Robinson

Special thanks:
Sean Gillane (moth animation)
Gabe Pagtama (gaffer/grip)
Abe Pagtama
Rey Deegan
Rory Roach

MIRS is featured in the upcoming movie Los Angeles 7

More information on MIRS and to purchase or download Spin Cycle:


I want to sit outside tonight
taken in all the air from everywhere

Actually I want to hide tonight
blanket in all the cold inside my heart

Why do you treat me so bad
Is it because you think I’m wrong
because the birds want to eat your little bones

Why do you treat me so bad
Is it because you think I’m wrong
because the moths want to to eat your arms

I’ve driven down this road in the moonlight
I’ve seen all those peculiar sites
Makes we want to run, I want to get away from everyone

Its another night in the frozen cold
I’m a beast, I’m a lost soul (2x)

Free me so I can go (so I can go)
Hate me so I can go (so I can go)
Use me so I can go (so I can go)
Kill me so I can go (so I can go)

Running running running running (repeat)

written by Amir Motlagh (MIRS) © 2010

© 2011 ANIMALS