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Yahoo Movies Profile on "35 Year Old Man"

From Yahoo Movies -

"The 12th Annual deadCenter Film Festival boasts a list of short film programs that each explore little slices of life audiences are usually afraid to talk about: loneliness, aging, and disappointment. Director Amir Motlagh captured a glimpse of all of these experiences through the eyes of the sole character in his narrative short "35 Year Old Man." The film is about a guy named Greg whose birthday just passed and, as the synopsis explains, "Yesterday, he bought a toaster and cleaned the fridge."

Read the full interview here:

News that is moments motivated.

Things that are happening now.  Right now.

1.  WHALE is now on Vimeo, Youtube and Dailymotion for streaming.  In fact, you can watch it from the comfort of this website.  You can also still purchase a DVD because hardware is more valuable then bytes.

2.  The interview I did last year for VOA's Shabahang show (The Late Edition) is now available to watch here.  The shorter version is also available on Youtube.

3.  MIRS is coming to Pandora.

3.  I did several interviews regarding MIRS.  When and if they go live, you can see it here.

4.  Insound is going to stock some of those limited MIRS CD's.  

5.  Khoobi (are you ok) is finished and awaiting some music clearance.  More infor coming real soon.

Khoobi (are you ok)

Slated as the first AYA release of 2011, Khoobi (are you ok) is at the tail end of post-production.  The picture is locked, and we just started the online edit (motion graphics, sound design, etc).  I've been blessed with an amazing team that I'm incredibly indebted too.  And a new member just joined, alleviating my final trepidations.

They all shall be named in the next update.

Looking at a May/June release, although, if I were to deliver it to the web first and forego the film festival route, I would predict a March release.

It's is a tricky world to navigate these days, but don't worry, I'll figure it out.

As for "what its about", well, just wait a bit.  Why spoil the fun.  I can say one thing with certainty; that in fact, I got my father to do old school hand drawn animation in one of the sequences.


MIRS "Spin Cycle" available on Itunes and Amazon

MIRS "Spin Cycle" is now available on Itunes and if you are into collecting hardware, a limited pressing CD is available on Amazon for Pre-Order.  It officially comes out this Tuesday, the 23'rd of November, 2010.

While MIRS remains elusive right now, it won't be long before someone else tells you about it.  So, be the curator, the tastemaker, the leader of your crew.  Don't wait until someone else tells you what to listen to man.



MIRS "Spin Cycle" Release Dates

"Spin Cycle", the first release from MIRS comes out Tuesday, November 2nd on BandCamp as a digital only (MP3, Wav), followed by a limited edition CD pressing & full digital release (including Itunes, Amazon, Etc.) November 30th, 2010.  The EP includes the following four tracks:

01. Spring (bombs)

02. Summer (farahavar)

03. Fall (birds)

04. Winter (little tokyo)